Episode 3: Are Humans Rational?

Join our expert Alexa Ruel and our guests Kelly-Anne Moffa and Mo Carr to discuss the paper “Interplay of Approximate Planning Strategies” by Quentin Huys, et. al. During our discussion, we touch on whether the human brain works like a computer, why people avoid large negative outcomes even when they could lead to even larger positive ones, and more!

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Episode Transcript

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1 thought on “Episode 3: Are Humans Rational?”

  1. Hi Jamie,
    I really enjoyed hearing Kelly-Anne at the discussion table with you on this episode..
    I wasn’t able to listen to the end tonight, due to another commitment But I gain something from every program you do. The title on this one (Are Humans Rational) was provocative…My understanding, bottom-line, is that decision-making also involves the heart and irrational emotion plus the whole body for that matter. So, the process is not confined to strictly cognitive function But god bless brain researchers. Something can always be learned.


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