Episode 6: The Aging Brain: the Good, the Bad, and the Unknown

In the 6th episode of In Plain English, expert Teodora Stoica and guests Emma Sward and Abby Kimball explore what we know about how the brain changes with age, how we study the aging brain, and how we can promote healthy cognitive aging.

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Featured Image Credit: “SumaLateral Whole Brain Image” by National Institutes of Health (NIH) 

Episode Transcript

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  1. Marilyn E. Johnston says:

    Extremely helpful episode for me since (1) I have a brain and (2) I am aging. Fun fact: I have been a student and practitioner of buddhism for several decades now (since college) and I believe I have benefitted from that philosophical outlook of mindfulness and nonego in staying open and flexible mentally as time goes by. (Plus I keep all burners going in writing, painting and piano playing in retirement.) I got a lot from this podcast. Going to apply some of the other tips for keeping brain happy that I learned from this episode
    Many Thanks!


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