Episode 11: The Drug War: A Violent Situation

Join expert Hilary Agro and guests Vera Thornton and Brigid Lydon as they discuss the far-reaching impacts of the drug war and the importance of harm reduction. Scroll to the bottom of this page for harm reduction resources!

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Image Credit: “Drugs Say Stop The Drug War” by The Drug Users Bible is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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Harm Reduction Resources

National Harm Reduction Coalition: https://harmreduction.org/resource-center/

  • Find syringes and naloxone (Narcan) near you
  • Learn about harm reduction issues
  • Get training online


  • Download instructions for using Narcan
  • Find Narcan near you
  • Learn about your state’s Narcan access laws

MO HOPE Project (for Missouri residents): https://mohopeproject.org/resources/get-naloxone/

  • Find out how to get naloxone in Missouri
  • Get information on how to use naloxone
  • Learn about other harm reduction measures

Prevent + ED (for Missouri residents): https://prevented.org

  • Get naloxone training

The T (for St. Louis area residents): https://www.thetstl.com

  • Get naloxone training
  • Get naloxone & other first aid supplies

Episode Transcript

Coming Soon!

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